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Tina Mc Nasty's Journal

Sunday, January 7, 2007

7:37PM - Myspace page

Well i finally did it, and started a myspace page. Im so proud of myself!!! http://www.myspace.com/431950

Monday, January 1, 2007

4:47PM - Hey everybody

I need to really keep up with this live journal. I never post anymore. Things with the baby and nathan are good. Seth is growing like a weed. He is 2 months old today, and tomorrow he goes to get his 1st round of shots. poor baby :(. My friend Alicia had her baby boy yesterday. So now seth has another baby boy to play with cus my other friends had girls. He is getting so big, and his hair is getting even longer. We get mobbed everywhere we go because everybody has to stop and look at his hair. Hope everyone had a good new year!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

7:13PM - Jelly Bean

Today we went to my 2nd ultrasound and got to see the Jelly bean again. Jumping around as usual. The Tech said she thinks its a boy. Nathan is very happy about that. I was hoping for a girl, it still could be, but im not gonna get my hopes up. Hopefully in 2 weeks we are going to go get a 3D ultrasound and get to know for sure what the gender of the baby is. Other than baby stuff, not much has gone on in my world. Just work and sleep work and sleep. I am constantly tired, I keep growing out of my underwear, none of my skirts fit anymore and my feet are all swollen. Any time I hear someone say they loved being pregnant
I just want to smack them, cus its so not fun. The only fun part is being able to feel it moving inside you.
On a darker note, I found out that one of my friends was murdered in March. Im trying to find out the details about what happened, it just sucks so bad that it happened. It dosent seem real!
Anyone else going to Informatik Thursday and or Diary of Dreams on Saturday?

Current mood: tired

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

3:03AM - Birthday Party

Well its that time of year again.. Club on Friday for my B-day and then Sat Feb 18th at 7pm I am having a party at my apt. Email me if you can come and Ill give ya directions. Yay Party!!!

Current mood: tired

Saturday, May 28, 2005

10:55PM - Im back!!!

Well i havnt posted in like forever and a day... Nuthin much is going on ...single again. Suprise!!! Just sitting here waiting for my cousin to get ready so we can go out to sullys bar tonite..... Since i cant really go the club much anymore...well i could but well you know.... Nothing really interesting going on. Today i went to skate U for Megans suprise bday party. I havnt skated in like forever. Didnt fall once! and after an hour it was actually fun, because i got over the fear of falling. This has got to be one of the most boring posts i have ever made.... well enough for now.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

11:23PM - Hmmm

Well the last few weeks have been extremly eventful, a break up, a move, a new apt, a new kitty, car broke, car fixed, rekindled love, lots of good talks, lots of great sex, being rich, being poor, lauging a lot, crying a lot, more responsibilty at work, lots of hugs, talking to old friends, making new friends, lots and lots of things..... good and bad. but mostly good..... I hope things keep going good. I love my friends, i really like my job, and I really like my life right now......

Current mood: awake

Sunday, November 14, 2004

9:10PM - MANSON!!!

So LOCKJAW opened for Marilyn Manson at the Eagles ballroom on friday...it kicked ass! The show was sold out of course, and the guys did a great fuckin job. Im so proud of my boy. Unfortunatly we didnt get to see manson anywhere backstage...but oh well... SO now its 5 weeks till graduation..im so excited. I cant wait to be done with school! Its been a long road, and im finally almost done. yay for me

Current mood: tired

Sunday, September 12, 2004

8:57PM - Baby Day......

Well friday i found out that my dad and his girlfriend debbie were in the hospital to be induced. I was expecting a new little brother in mid October and today (sunday) was supposed to be the baby shower that i was giving. Well anyways, debbie went to the dr's and they noticed that the baby stopped growing and debbie was losing weight so they decided to induce and get the baby out now because he would be safer outside than inside. Friday nite i got to the hospital (Community memorial where i work..) and we were in for a long haul. Labor was long, i spend the nite there with debbie and my dad. The baby finally came at 10:56am he was soooo beautiful. 4lbs 12oz. 19 inches long. I was soo happy he was ok, and i got to see him be born. Hes a little tiny peanut teeny tiny head light blonde hair. I ended up staying at the hospital until 5:30pm on saturday.

I had planned on taking the baby shower cake to the hospital to share with the nurses since the shower was cancled. I called the hospital and my dad answered and he was crying....i kept asking him what was wrong and he handed the phone to debbie. I was getting really scared and she said "Tina, theres a problem and i dont really want to tell you over the phone." So i rushed to the hospital and ran to the room. I havnt been so scared in a long time.... everything was going thru my mind on the drive there...i did about 85mph the whole way there....I was soo afraid they were going to tell me that he didnt make it through the nite or that there was a major problem with him.....but in the back of my mind i knew what was wrong....I cried the whole way to the hospital worrying.....

When i was watching them clean him up after he was born i noticed something a little different about him, but i didnt want to tell my dad or debbie what i thought it was because i didnt want to scare them unnecessarly....but i was right...

When i got to the hospital debbie and i went into the hall because there was a room full of visitors...and she told me .....before she could get the words out we both started crying and she said "honey, he has Down Syndrome"......... I gave her a hung and we stood there for a while crying and i told her that i knew.....and didnt want to say anything right after he was born..... he dosent have all the characteristics but he has six out of ten... I never thougth in a million years that his would happen.

Im ok with the fact that he isnt like other babies, but it just makes me soooo sad that he has to go thru life with stares, and remarks, and other things. Hes going to have to go to school and listen to kids teasing him and there are so many health problems that can develop. But hes my little buddy, hes the most beautiful baby and i love him soo much. I never thought i could love somebody so much so quickly. I would do anything in the world to save him from having to go through life with the struggles hes going to have to face. I'll always be there for him and ill always want to protect him from the horrible things in the world. But at least we still have him in this world, he's alive, he's beautiful, he's my new baby brother, and i love him.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

7:22PM - We got robbed!!!!!

Well last nite Nathan's Band Lockjaw played at the rock shop with Celldweller....it was Great!!!! We had a good nite. We went and got food and las palmas and went home to go to sleep. We went to bed around 3am and got woken up at around 9am. The doorbell rang and nathan went to go see who it was. When he didnt come back to bed i got up to see who was at the door. I saw a police officer standing there and i looked at nathan and was like "oh shit!" "my car!" We had a ton of stuff in the car from last nite. Some punk motherfuckers broke into 4 other cars in our parking lot at our apartment as well. I ran down the stairs and saw my little back baby window broken, and my back door wide open as well as my trunk. Inside the car was trashed, all that was left was nathans cabinet, which holds his speakers and his amp. Those things werent taken because were assuming there way too heavy. The things that were taken were :

My Clarion CD player
Every single CD that i own....No more djing on Tuesdays for me for quite a while
Nathans Brothers super nice digital camera full of pics of lockjaw and celldweller
Nathans Bass guitar and coffin case
aprox 10 cables for his equiptment
and both of his distortion petal

All together they got around $5,000 worth of stuff just from my car

4 other cars including the car right next to mine got windows smashed, cd players stolen as well as other random things.

After the cops dusted for fingerprints we went back upstaris and made a list of our losses and gave it to them.

we tried to go back to sleep but i couldnt sleep. Nathan was in bed so i started calling around to music and resale shops. Angela suggested doing that and i figured it was worth a shot. At least i could say i tried because you never know until you try.

I started calling every place in the phonebook. I explained what happened and asked them to keep an eye out for anyone coming in with an abundance of cd's that fit the styles of music i had.

I called Cream City Music and described nathans bass guitar and case along with his other equiptment and the fucking guy had it!!!!!!!! He said some kid came in and sold it around noon today!!!!

I got off the phone and called the cops again and we met the officer that took the original report. Nathan took a look at the stuff and sure shit!! it was his stuff
We found his bass, coffin case, all his cords, and both his petals!!!!!!! i couldnt fucking believe it!!! I couldnt believe that i fucking found his shit. So the cop took all the stuff to the police station to be photographed. And hopefully tomorrow we can pick it up.

Another good thing is that Cream city requires a photo id, so the cops now have the name and address and licence # of the little fucker that had nathans shit. Hopefully some of our other stuff can be recovered, but im not too hopefull. At least we got nathans band stuff back. I now have to start my cd collection over from scratch. I had around $4,000 worth of cd's. And there ALL gone.


oh and not to mention another apartment complex parking lot a few blocks away got hit last nite as well....those fuckers got a lot of shit on there little rampage.....i hope they catch these mutherfuckers!

Monday, July 5, 2004


the Withered Lover
The Withered Lover

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2:41PM - oh my fucking god

Wholy shit it really did work....i feel all excited

2:40PM - HMM wonder if it will work???? this is a test

mistressmcnasty Highway
Bewilderment Avenue14
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

7:55PM - My best friend on live journal....hmmm

My Best Friend is crzyindeed

Our 5 common interests are: jeffy joseph, jewelery, movies, pictures, piercings

Mistressmcnasty and antigonigh share 4 interests.
mistressmcnasty and boscokhan share 1 interest.
mistressmcnasty and crazydragon0000 share 3 interests.
mistressmcnasty and crzyindeed share 5 interests.
mistressmcnasty and ddmagee03 share 3 interests.
mistressmcnasty and djriotfist share 1 interest.
mistressmcnasty and greyluci share 1 interest.
mistressmcnasty and icantcare share 2 interests.
mistressmcnasty and jealousthendead share 0 interests.
mistressmcnasty and ladyhelslyn share 2 interests.
mistressmcnasty and lostravyn share 1 interest.
mistressmcnasty and lostvirtue share 2 interests.
mistressmcnasty and nazo50 share 3 interests.
mistressmcnasty and portishead13076 share 0 interests.
mistressmcnasty and scarletravyn share 2 interests.
mistressmcnasty and seducedmind share 1 interest.
mistressmcnasty and spookybuttonboy share 1 interest.
mistressmcnasty and talleah share 1 interest.
mistressmcnasty and typhonx share 1 interest.
mistressmcnasty and venaliterpignus share 0 interests.
mistressmcnasty and wharjournal share 2 interests.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

11:13AM - Tonite at Club

Hey guys ....im Djing tonite at club early in the nite.....Doors open at 7pm...cum show me u love me....ill return the love i promise.....hope to see u all there!

Friday, June 18, 2004

12:45AM - ^V^

Today was pretty much uneventful....woke up, got ready to go to work and while i was on the way to work they called and said they wanted me to just be on call...so i get paid a whole $2 an hour for being on call and not coming in...so yea. I ended up going to my cousins house and watching the baby for her so she could go shopping. Sofia is soooo pretty. she is growing like a weed. I told my cousin..."what the hell are u feeding her...miracle grow!!" the monday after i come back from florida i am going to be taking care of the baby while my cousin works. Its going to be fun because i get to play with her all day, but suck at the same time because i have to be there at like 7:30 am every day... poor me. but i guess its worth it because i get to see the baby every day. I love her soo much...shes my little peanut.

Current mood: happy

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

5:42PM - Alaska Highway


The sound of your name, upon my heart, has left a stain.
And I know that we must say goodbye, but without you inside my heart may die.
And I don't want the perfect rose, the one you say that I deserve,
All I know is that I loved you.
Hold you when you cry, without you I would rather die.
And I have done everything that I could do,
But I just can't keep you.
But I don't want the perfect rose the one you say that I deserve
All I know is that I loved you.
Hold you when you cry, without you I would rather die.
And I am not the perfect rose, the one I think that you desrve,
All I know is that I love you...

This is one of the most beautiful songs ever!!!!!

Current mood: calm

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

2:50AM - Stalker

mistressmcnasty's LJ stalker is seducedmind!
seducedmind is stalking you because you are really good at bowling. They are also in jail for murder!

I was wondering why my undies and stripedy socks were missing!!!!!

Current mood: hot

2:50AM - Stalker

mistressmcnasty's LJ stalker is seducedmind!
seducedmind is stalking you because you are really good at bowling. They are also in jail for murder!

I was wondering why my undies and stripedy socks were missing!!!!!

2:34AM - Ok so yeah......

It seems like everything in my life was all sorts of out of wack recently...i found out a lot of shit that has been going on and being said. I now know that i need to watch what i say around people because things get taken out of context and get all turned around and than people hear them...and rumors get started and things get crazy out of hand....

Today i had a friend do my tarrot and i got a lot of things cleared up and had a lot of questions answered. I have been so confused and unsure about everthing that has been going on and i feel so much better about a lot of stuff.

I know now that there are a few people at club that i cant really trust.

Well enough said about that... I am going to florida in a couple weeks and hopefully my plane does not crash.

I am thinking about going to the skinny puppy show that is cuming up so if any of u are going let me know because i really dont want to go to chicago alone I so know that i will get lost.

Current mood: hot

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

5:03PM - A boy??????

Yeah so i met a boy, he used to live here but moved away to TX. Hes cuming back hopefully soon...Way nice...really tall...funny as all hell....and um yeah its not like its exactly hard to make me of all people laugh....hopefully he moves back soon....I talk to him every day and every nite and im not sick of him yet...thats amazing....

Hopefully he stays nice when he moves back here...i cant wait to take him the club....i know he will have a great time...his name is Dave......Maybe some day u will all get to meet him......if he ever moves back here......

oh yea and i havnt had sex in like um two months...im now officially a born again virgin....i need a deep dicking...lol

Current mood: tired

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