Tina Mc Nasty (mistressmcnasty) wrote,
Tina Mc Nasty

We got robbed!!!!!

Well last nite Nathan's Band Lockjaw played at the rock shop with Celldweller....it was Great!!!! We had a good nite. We went and got food and las palmas and went home to go to sleep. We went to bed around 3am and got woken up at around 9am. The doorbell rang and nathan went to go see who it was. When he didnt come back to bed i got up to see who was at the door. I saw a police officer standing there and i looked at nathan and was like "oh shit!" "my car!" We had a ton of stuff in the car from last nite. Some punk motherfuckers broke into 4 other cars in our parking lot at our apartment as well. I ran down the stairs and saw my little back baby window broken, and my back door wide open as well as my trunk. Inside the car was trashed, all that was left was nathans cabinet, which holds his speakers and his amp. Those things werent taken because were assuming there way too heavy. The things that were taken were :

My Clarion CD player
Every single CD that i own....No more djing on Tuesdays for me for quite a while
Nathans Brothers super nice digital camera full of pics of lockjaw and celldweller
Nathans Bass guitar and coffin case
aprox 10 cables for his equiptment
and both of his distortion petal

All together they got around $5,000 worth of stuff just from my car

4 other cars including the car right next to mine got windows smashed, cd players stolen as well as other random things.

After the cops dusted for fingerprints we went back upstaris and made a list of our losses and gave it to them.

we tried to go back to sleep but i couldnt sleep. Nathan was in bed so i started calling around to music and resale shops. Angela suggested doing that and i figured it was worth a shot. At least i could say i tried because you never know until you try.

I started calling every place in the phonebook. I explained what happened and asked them to keep an eye out for anyone coming in with an abundance of cd's that fit the styles of music i had.

I called Cream City Music and described nathans bass guitar and case along with his other equiptment and the fucking guy had it!!!!!!!! He said some kid came in and sold it around noon today!!!!

I got off the phone and called the cops again and we met the officer that took the original report. Nathan took a look at the stuff and sure shit!! it was his stuff
We found his bass, coffin case, all his cords, and both his petals!!!!!!! i couldnt fucking believe it!!! I couldnt believe that i fucking found his shit. So the cop took all the stuff to the police station to be photographed. And hopefully tomorrow we can pick it up.

Another good thing is that Cream city requires a photo id, so the cops now have the name and address and licence # of the little fucker that had nathans shit. Hopefully some of our other stuff can be recovered, but im not too hopefull. At least we got nathans band stuff back. I now have to start my cd collection over from scratch. I had around $4,000 worth of cd's. And there ALL gone.


oh and not to mention another apartment complex parking lot a few blocks away got hit last nite as well....those fuckers got a lot of shit on there little rampage.....i hope they catch these mutherfuckers!
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