Tina Mc Nasty (mistressmcnasty) wrote,
Tina Mc Nasty

Baby Day......

Well friday i found out that my dad and his girlfriend debbie were in the hospital to be induced. I was expecting a new little brother in mid October and today (sunday) was supposed to be the baby shower that i was giving. Well anyways, debbie went to the dr's and they noticed that the baby stopped growing and debbie was losing weight so they decided to induce and get the baby out now because he would be safer outside than inside. Friday nite i got to the hospital (Community memorial where i work..) and we were in for a long haul. Labor was long, i spend the nite there with debbie and my dad. The baby finally came at 10:56am he was soooo beautiful. 4lbs 12oz. 19 inches long. I was soo happy he was ok, and i got to see him be born. Hes a little tiny peanut teeny tiny head light blonde hair. I ended up staying at the hospital until 5:30pm on saturday.

I had planned on taking the baby shower cake to the hospital to share with the nurses since the shower was cancled. I called the hospital and my dad answered and he was crying....i kept asking him what was wrong and he handed the phone to debbie. I was getting really scared and she said "Tina, theres a problem and i dont really want to tell you over the phone." So i rushed to the hospital and ran to the room. I havnt been so scared in a long time.... everything was going thru my mind on the drive there...i did about 85mph the whole way there....I was soo afraid they were going to tell me that he didnt make it through the nite or that there was a major problem with him.....but in the back of my mind i knew what was wrong....I cried the whole way to the hospital worrying.....

When i was watching them clean him up after he was born i noticed something a little different about him, but i didnt want to tell my dad or debbie what i thought it was because i didnt want to scare them unnecessarly....but i was right...

When i got to the hospital debbie and i went into the hall because there was a room full of visitors...and she told me .....before she could get the words out we both started crying and she said "honey, he has Down Syndrome"......... I gave her a hung and we stood there for a while crying and i told her that i knew.....and didnt want to say anything right after he was born..... he dosent have all the characteristics but he has six out of ten... I never thougth in a million years that his would happen.

Im ok with the fact that he isnt like other babies, but it just makes me soooo sad that he has to go thru life with stares, and remarks, and other things. Hes going to have to go to school and listen to kids teasing him and there are so many health problems that can develop. But hes my little buddy, hes the most beautiful baby and i love him soo much. I never thought i could love somebody so much so quickly. I would do anything in the world to save him from having to go through life with the struggles hes going to have to face. I'll always be there for him and ill always want to protect him from the horrible things in the world. But at least we still have him in this world, he's alive, he's beautiful, he's my new baby brother, and i love him.
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