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Jelly Bean

Today we went to my 2nd ultrasound and got to see the Jelly bean again. Jumping around as usual. The Tech said she thinks its a boy. Nathan is very happy about that. I was hoping for a girl, it still could be, but im not gonna get my hopes up. Hopefully in 2 weeks we are going to go get a 3D ultrasound and get to know for sure what the gender of the baby is. Other than baby stuff, not much has gone on in my world. Just work and sleep work and sleep. I am constantly tired, I keep growing out of my underwear, none of my skirts fit anymore and my feet are all swollen. Any time I hear someone say they loved being pregnant
I just want to smack them, cus its so not fun. The only fun part is being able to feel it moving inside you.
On a darker note, I found out that one of my friends was murdered in March. Im trying to find out the details about what happened, it just sucks so bad that it happened. It dosent seem real!
Anyone else going to Informatik Thursday and or Diary of Dreams on Saturday?
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